AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam Sample Questions Answers

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate assessment is proposed for people who play out an arrangements designer job and have at least one years of hands-on experience planning accessible, cost-effective, shortcoming tolerant, and adaptable circulated frameworks on AWS.

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AWS Solutions Architect Associate Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

What does Amazon SWF stand for?

A. Simple Web Flow
B. Simple Work Flow
C. Simple Wireless Forms
D. Simple Web Form

Answer: B

Question No 2:

You are designing an SSUTLS solution that requires HTTPS clients to be authenticated by the Web server using client certificate authentication. The solution must be resilient.

Which of the following options would you consider for configuring the web server infrastructure? (Choose two.)

A. Configure ELB with TCP listeners on TCP/4d3. And place the Web servers behind it.
B. Configure your Web servers with EIPS Place the Web servers in a Route53 Record Set and configure health checks against all Web servers.
C. Configure ELB with HTTPS listeners, and place the Web servers behind it.
D. Configure your web servers as the origins for a CloudFront distribution. Use custom SSL certificates on your CloudFront distribution.

Answer: A, B

Question No 3:

A web-startup runs its very successful social news application on Amazon EC2 with an Elastic Load Balancer, an Auto-Scaling group of Java/Tomcat application-servers, and DynamoDB as data store. The main
web-application best runs on m2 x large instances since it is highly memory- bound Each new deployment requires semi-automated creation and testing of a new AMI for the application servers which takes quite a while ana is therefore only done once per week.

Recently, a new chat feature has been implemented in nodejs and wails to be integrated in the architecture. First tests show that the new component is CPU bound Because the company has some experience with using Chef, they decided to streamline the deployment process and use AWS Ops Works as an application life cycle tool to simplify management of the application and reduce the deployment cycles.

What configuration in AWS Ops Works is necessary to integrate the new chat module in the most cost-efficient and flexible way?

A. Create one AWS OpsWorks stack, create one AWS Ops Works layer, create one custom recipe
B. Create one AWS OpsWorks stack create two AWS Ops Works layers create one custom recipe
C. Create two AWS OpsWorks stacks create two AWS Ops Works layers create one custom recipe
D. Create two AWS OpsWorks stacks create two AWS Ops Works layers create two custom recipe

Answer: B