2V0-31.19 Exam Sample Questions Answers

The CMA confirmation approves your capacity to introduce, arrange and manage a VMware vRealize condition, used to mechanize key procedures inside your Data Center in a repeatable, adaptable way that prompts effectiveness and improved efficiency. These aptitudes empower you to streamline and institutionalize the more intricate everyday exercises, expanding your believability and incentive inside the association.offer without commission exchanges.

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Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

What is the role of the Proxy Agent?

A. Communicate with hypervisor endpoints
B. Communicate with hypervisor and cloud endpoints
C. Communicate with cloud endpoints
D. Communicate with vCenter endpoints

Answer: C

Question No 2:

Which two steps must an administrator take to create an approval policy through two levels of management when expanding the resources of a virtual machine beyond a specific footprint? (Choose two.)

A. Attach the approval policy to the specific day 2 actions: increase RAM, add CPUs and add Disk storage.
B. Create a two layer approval policy.
C. Configure the approval policy to re-provision the virtual machine based on a larger blueprint if approval
Practice Test VMware – 2V0-31.19
is granted at all levels.
D. Attach a multiple layer approval policy to the service to which the blueprint is attached.
E. Set up a conditional approval policy.

Answer: C E

Question No 3:

A vRealize Orchestrator administrator is tasked with creating a workflow that processes sensitive information that is subject to auditing. All workflow messages must be stored in the vRealize Orchestrator database.

How can the administrator ensure that all log messages generated by the workflow are stored in the database?

A. Configure a DEBUG level for the vRealize Orchestrator server.
B. Use System.log() when printing out messages.
C. Configure SQL plugin to write to the database directly.
D. Use Server.log() when printing out messages.

Answer: A

Worldwide illegal tax avoidance guard dog intently observing Facebook’s Libra, official says

The worldwide enemy of illegal tax avoidance guard dog is intently observing improvements on Facebook’s arranged Libra digital currency, its new head told Reuters on Tuesday, in the most recent indication of developing administrative examination of the venture.

The Facebook-drove Libra undertaking is mooted for dispatch by June one year from now. Controllers’ and government officials’ worries go from the dangers that Libra could be utilized to launder cash to protection and the likelihood that it could annoy budgetary solidness.

“We need to ensure that if there are critical dangers, they should be tended to,” said Xiangmin Liu, the leader of the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which goes about as the worldwide standard-setter on hostile to illegal tax avoidance.

Prior on Tuesday, a senior U.S. Treasury official, addressing correspondents in Switzerland, said that Libra must satisfy the most astounding guidelines for fighting illegal tax avoidance and fear based oppression financing on the off chance that it is to get off the ground.

The Libra venture has recharged center around how cryptographic forms of money are directed, with current guidelines on the division inconsistent and shifting from nation to nation.

In the principal worldwide endeavor to handle the crypto division, the FATF – a body set up 30 years prior to handle tax evasion – advised nations in June to fix oversight of cryptographic money trades to stop advanced coins being utilized to launder money and fund fear mongering.

Liu, talking at an occasion in London, said the unlawful utilization of digital currencies is most likely spreading at pace. Known models, from illegal tax avoidance to medication dealing, likely speak to just a small amount of the genuine size of criminal use, he said.

“The secrecy managed by virtual resources is being abused by genuine lawbreakers,” Liu said. “These exercises are probably going to develop rapidly, as law requirement offices are just observing a hint of something larger.”

Liu, who assumed responsibility for FATF in July, said the volume and speed of digital money exchanges shows a developing test in pinpointing unlawful use, even as innovation to distinguish such activities is created.

“We have discussed finding suspicious action as resembling finding a needle in a pile,” he said. “All things considered, that sheaf is getting greater and greater, and is moving constantly.”

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam Sample Questions Answers

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate assessment is proposed for people who play out an arrangements designer job and have at least one years of hands-on experience planning accessible, cost-effective, shortcoming tolerant, and adaptable circulated frameworks on AWS.

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AWS Solutions Architect Associate Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

What does Amazon SWF stand for?

A. Simple Web Flow
B. Simple Work Flow
C. Simple Wireless Forms
D. Simple Web Form

Answer: B

Question No 2:

You are designing an SSUTLS solution that requires HTTPS clients to be authenticated by the Web server using client certificate authentication. The solution must be resilient.

Which of the following options would you consider for configuring the web server infrastructure? (Choose two.)

A. Configure ELB with TCP listeners on TCP/4d3. And place the Web servers behind it.
B. Configure your Web servers with EIPS Place the Web servers in a Route53 Record Set and configure health checks against all Web servers.
C. Configure ELB with HTTPS listeners, and place the Web servers behind it.
D. Configure your web servers as the origins for a CloudFront distribution. Use custom SSL certificates on your CloudFront distribution.

Answer: A, B

Question No 3:

A web-startup runs its very successful social news application on Amazon EC2 with an Elastic Load Balancer, an Auto-Scaling group of Java/Tomcat application-servers, and DynamoDB as data store. The main
web-application best runs on m2 x large instances since it is highly memory- bound Each new deployment requires semi-automated creation and testing of a new AMI for the application servers which takes quite a while ana is therefore only done once per week.

Recently, a new chat feature has been implemented in nodejs and wails to be integrated in the architecture. First tests show that the new component is CPU bound Because the company has some experience with using Chef, they decided to streamline the deployment process and use AWS Ops Works as an application life cycle tool to simplify management of the application and reduce the deployment cycles.

What configuration in AWS Ops Works is necessary to integrate the new chat module in the most cost-efficient and flexible way?

A. Create one AWS OpsWorks stack, create one AWS Ops Works layer, create one custom recipe
B. Create one AWS OpsWorks stack create two AWS Ops Works layers create one custom recipe
C. Create two AWS OpsWorks stacks create two AWS Ops Works layers create one custom recipe
D. Create two AWS OpsWorks stacks create two AWS Ops Works layers create two custom recipe

Answer: B

Previous AWS Engineer Arrested as Capital One Admits Massive Data Breach

In excess of 100 million clients have had their information undermined by a programmer after a cloud misconfiguration at Capital One.

A huge break of Capital One client information has hit in excess of 100 million individuals in the U.S. furthermore, 6 million in Canada.

Because of a cloud misconfiguration, a programmer had the option to access to credit applications, Social Security numbers and ledger numbers in probably the greatest datum ruptures to ever hit a budgetary administrations organization — placing it in indistinguishable alliance as far as size from the Equifax episode of 2017.

The FBI has just captured a suspect for the situation: A previous architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Paige Thompson, after she bragged about the information burglary on GitHub.

As indicated by a criminal objection documented in the Western District of Washington’s U.S. Lawyer’s Office, the interruption happened between March 19 and July 17 by means of a “misconfigured web application firewall.”

The unlawfully gotten to information, which was put away on cloud servers leased from AWS, was essentially identified with charge card applications made among 2005 and mid 2019, by the two shoppers and organizations. These incorporate a pile of individual data, for example, names, locations and dates of birth; and money related data, including self-announced salary and FICO assessments.

As indicated by Capital One, no Mastercard record numbers or sign in qualifications were undermined and just around 140,000 Social Security numbers are affected, implying that “more than 99 percent of Social Security numbers” were immaculate, the organization said. In Canada, around 1 million social protection numbers were undermined.

Uncovered information likewise included financial assessments, credit limits, balances, installment history, contact data and parts of exchange information from 23 days during 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“I truly apologize for the reasonable stress this occurrence must reason those influenced and I am focused on making it right,” said Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank, in an announcement.

The organization included it fixed what it called a “setup defenselessness” and that it is “impossible that the data was utilized for extortion or spread by this individual” — however examinations are progressing.

The organization has vowed credit observing for those affected, however Colin Bastable, CEO at hostile to phishing firm Lucy Security, said banks like Capital Bank and their representatives ought to accomplish more to recognize potential phishing assaults in the fallout of the episode.

“Capital One exploited people will be phished for a considerable length of time to come – long after the a year’s credit observing is done,” clarified Bastable in an email proclamation. “The Dark Web presumably find out about the vast majority in North America than their administrations will freely admit to. Bosses need to ensure themselves by guaranteeing that their workers are security-mindful.”

The speculate Thompson, who utilized the false name “inconsistent” in online discussions, purportedly posted a few times about the burglary on GitHub and via web-based networking media. One posting on a Twitter account with the username “whimsical” read: “I’ve essentially lashed myself with a bomb vest, f#cking dropping capital ones dox and letting it be known.”

Updates on the Capital One break comes after U.S. credit checking office Equifax a week ago consented to pay up to $700 million to settle a comparative episode that hit the organization in 2017, influencing about 150 million clients.

Amazon, as far as concerns its, indicated the confirmation of misconfiguration in the court archives and the Capital One articulation, with a representative disclosing to Bloomberg that Capital One’s information was not gotten to through a defenselessness in AWS frameworks.

“The Capital One rupture is evidence that organizations have a long way to go with regards to sending security innovation successfully,” said James Hadley, CEO at Immersive Labs, by means of email. “From perusing their depiction of the rupture, you would be excused for supposing it was a first class programmer misusing a powerlessness. As a general rule, as expressed by the FBI, it was just an inadequately designed firewall that permitted the programmer in.”

Justin Fier, chief of digital insight at Darktrace, reverberated Bastable’s notice and said that seizing the culprit — should she demonstrate liable — does not ensure that the information has not as of now arrived at the Dark Web. “In the new advanced time, information is cash, and when it falls into an inappropriate hands it can spread like rapidly spreading fire all through the criminal network,”

Amazon sues previous AWS executive for joining opponent Google division as cloud wars raise

Amazon’s spearheading cloud business gave the organization an early lead in a rising and rewarding industry however rivalry is warming up between Amazon Web Services and fresher contestants, as Microsoft and Google, especially with regards to ability.

The most recent case of that contention: Amazon is suing a previous AWS official in King County Superior Court in Seattle for taking a vocation with Google Cloud in supposed infringement of a non-contend understanding.

Seattle has turned into the battleground in the cloud wars as Amazon’s long-lasting home, with Microsoft just crosswise over Lake Washington in Redmond. Google Cloud is moving into a huge grounds down the road from Amazon and the two opponents are not off to an all around neighborly begin. That is on the grounds that challenge for cloud laborers is savage and the two organizations are presently swimming in a similar shallow ability pool.

The official in Amazon’s focus is Philip Moyer, a Pennsylvania-based previous AWS deals official whose past experience incorporates a few CEO jobs and a long stretch as a chief for Microsoft. Moyer was the CEO for programming as-an administration organizations Edgar Online and Cassiopae, as indicated by his LinkedIn. In 2017, Amazon enlisted Moyer as a business official for AWS concentrating on the budgetary administrations industry. When he surrendered in 2019, he had 13 direct reports and overseen 100 workers, as per the protest.

At the point when Moyer acknowledged the activity with Amazon, he consented to a non-rivalry arrangement, an agreement wherein a worker makes a deal to avoid working for a contender for a while to abstain from sharing classified prized formulas.

“Moyer’s job in Google cloud will essentially include system with respect to offers of and enhancements for Google’s present or future cloud contributions, and will along these lines undermine the revelation of Amazon’s exceptionally secret data and break the Noncompetition Agreement,” the grumbling says.

Non-contends are a lightning pole in the tech business, with faultfinders guaranteeing they smother advancement and give an uncalled for preferred position to huge partnerships. Non-contend doubters raised that worry not long ago when Washington state authorized a law that sets least pay edges to implement non-contend understandings. Despite the fact that the law has not yet produced results, non-contends can even now be hard to implement.

Be that as it may, for Moyer’s situation, Amazon is going to attempt.

Amazon is looking for an order to anticipate Moyer from taking the activity with Google Cloud for year and a half from his last day at AWS, May 22. Amazon is likewise requesting that the court deny Moyer from offering to present or planned AWS cloud clients during that period.

“Moyer can’t be effective in selling Google cloud without creating techniques to contend with Amazon cloud,” Amazon said in the objection.

As per the grumbling, the position Moyer acknowledged with Google includes selling cloud administrations to the social insurance industry. Amazon guarantees that on the grounds that both human services and money related administrations — Moyer’s concentration at AWS — are very managed businesses, offering to them will require similar strategies.

“On account of the abnormal state of guideline, organizations in the budgetary administrations and social insurance ventures share numerous inhibitors to cloud appropriation and similar requirements for protection, security, and the capacity to respond rapidly to a client’s needs to guarantee strength and steadiness with the end goal that the client meets every administrative necessity for dealing with client private data,” the grievance says.

Amazon says that it will endure “financial harms in a sum to be demonstrated at preliminary” if the court doesn’t deny Moyer from taking the gig.

Google declined to remark on the claim and Amazon presently can’t seem to react to GeekWire’s solicitation at the season of distribution.

This isn’t the first run through Amazon has pursued a previous worker for purportedly damaging a non-contend understanding. Amazon sued previous AWS VP Gene Farrell in 2017 for taking an occupation with Smartsheet, the producer of work joint effort programming. The case annoyed the startup network. Pundits asserted Amazon was harassing a littler organization that it didn’t legitimately contend with. Amazon and Farrell inevitably settled the suit after a judge incidentally urged Farrell from taking the activity with Smartsheet.

For Moyer’s situation, Amazon is worried about prized formulas winding up in the hands of an immediate contender. AWS still rules cloud administrations, catching 33 percent of the market as indicated by a 2018 CB Insights report utilizing information from Synergy Research Group. Microsoft Azure has 13 percent piece of the overall industry, trailed by Google Cloud Platform, which has 6 percent. Be that as it may, AWS contenders are “expanding piece of the pie by playing to their qualities,” CB Insights analysts state. They expect the distributed computing industry to reach $513 billion by 2022.

Not long ago, Washington state established enactment that makes it increasingly hard to uphold non-contend understandings. The law expects representatives to win more than $100,000 every year for a non-contend to apply and the understanding can’t broaden longer than year and a half. Amazon campaigned to have the compensation limit brought down.

The law does not produce results until after 2020 but rather regardless of whether it were set up now, the Moyer case would most likely not be influenced. Moyer very likely meets the compensation edge and Amazon isn’t looking for a directive longer than year and a half.

Non-contend understandings have for some time been viewed as unenforceable in California, where a portion of the world’s greatest tech organizations were conceived. A few California organizations have discovered a work-around as non-poaching understandings, in any case.

Previous representatives and spotters disclosed to GeekWire that Amazon’s authorization procedure for non-contend understandings can seem subjective. AWS CEO Andy Jassy purportedly told Farrell in a gathering that he settles on choices about non-contend concurrences on a “case-by-case premise,” as indicated by court filings all things considered. Yet, Amazon’s history demonstrates the organization is especially touchy to aggressive concerns with regards to cloud ability.

In 2014, the organization sued a previous AWS vital associations supervisor, Zoltan Szabadi, after he accepted a position at Google Cloud Platform. In 2012, it additionally sued previous Amazon Web Services VP, Daniel Powers, who joined Google as the inquiry mammoth’s chief of cloud stage deals. That case was moved to government court in Seattle, where a judge declined to implement the most clearing arrangements of Amazon’s non-contend understanding.

For Moyer’s situation, Amazon says that he has private learning of AWS’s aggressive systems through the finish of 2020.

“So, Moyer knows — and took an interest in planning quite a bit of — the guide and aggressive techniques for AWS cloud through the finish of 2020, and he was instrumental in offering that vision to a portion of Amazon’s most significant prospects and clients,” the grumbling says. “Amazon’s classified data and prized formulas are the consequences of huge and long haul ventures of cash and assets, and Amazon finds a way to keep them secret.”

AWS dispatches another device to enable you to upgrade your EC2 assets

Here is a little however possibly helpful update in case you’re an AWS EC2 client. The organization today propelled another element called “EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations,” which does precisely what the name guarantees. It’s not ostentatious, it’s not particularly energizing, however it might simply spare you and your organization a decent measure of cash (and possibly that will get you that raise you’ve been seeking after).

The asset enhancement apparatus will take a gander at your EC2 utilization and give you customized suggestions to discover inactive and underutilized examples. To do this, it takes a gander at your utilization history, CloudWatch measurements and your current reservations.

When it finds an inert case, that is, one that has lower than 1% most extreme CPU use, the instrument will prescribe that you shut it down. No curve balls there. When it discovers underutilized occasions, it’ll present you with three unique sizes that you can move to that will probably accommodate your utilization examples superior to your present arrangement.

One proviso: this component at present works for all standard EC2 cases, however it’s not accessible for GPU-based occasions yet.

This new element is presently accessible to all AWS clients. You can discover it in the AWS Cost Management suite, where it’ll join the remainder of AWS’ apparatuses for watching out for your financial limit and how you’re spending it. No one has ever blamed AWS for having a direct valuing structure, so any seemingly insignificant detail makes dealing with these assets somewhat simpler.

Microsoft to explore using Rust

Microsoft plans to explore using the Rust programming language as an alternative to C, C++, and others, as a way to improve the security posture of its and everyone else’s apps.

The announcement was made yesterday by Gavin Thomas, Principal Security Engineering Manager for the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC).

“You’re probably used to thinking about the Microsoft Security Response Center as a group that responds to incidents and vulnerabilities,” Thomas said. “We are a response organization, but we also have a proactive role, and in a new blog series we will highlight Microsoft’s exploration of safer system programming languages, starting with Rust.”

The end game is to find a way to move developers from the aging C and C++ programming language to so-called “memory-safe languages.”

Memory-safe languages, such as Rust, are designed from the ground up with protections against memory corruption vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflows, race conditions, memory leaks, use-after free and memory pointer-related bugs.

C#, a programming language developed by Microsoft, also features some memory access improvements but is not as advanced as Rust.

The reason for this high percentage is because Windows and most other Microsoft products have been written mostly in C and C++, two “memory-unsafe” programming languages that allow developers fine-grained control of the memory addresses and where code can be executed.

One slip-up in the developers’ code that manages memory execution can lead to a slew of memory safety errors that attackers can exploit with dangerous and intrusive consequences — such as remote code execution or elevation of privilege flaws.

Exploring the use of a memory-safe language such as Rust would provide an alternative to creating safer Microsoft apps.

But Thomas also argues that third-party developers should also be looking into memory-safe languages as well. He cites reasons such as the time and effort developers put into learning how to debug the memory-related security flaws that crop up in their C++ apps.

“A developer’s core job is not to worry about security but to do feature work,” Thomas said. “Rather than investing in more and more tools and training and vulnerability fixes, what about a development language where they can’t introduce memory safety issues into their feature work in the first place? That would help both the feature developers and the security engineers-and the customers.”
Microsoft explored memory-safe programming before

Microsoft looking into Rust, as a safer alternative to C++ isn’t actually such a big deal.

The OS maker has been looking for safer C and C++ alternatives for years. In June 2016, Microsoft open-sourced “Checked C,” an extension to the C programming language that brought new features to address a series of security-related issues.

Microsoft looking into Rust before any other memory-safe language is also not a bad decision. Besides being superior to C# in regards to better memory protections, Rust is also more popular with developers these days and might be easier to recruit for.
Rust — a hit with the developer community already

The language is today’s “most loved” programming language, according to the 2019 StackOverflow survey, the biggest developer survey on the internet.

Developers love it because of its simpler syntax and the fact that apps coded in Rust don’t yield the same amount of bugs, allowing developers to focus on expanding their apps, instead of doing constant maintenance work.

On the other hand, StackOverflow survey respondents ranked C as the fourth most hated programming language, with C++ ranking ninth.

Rust, which started as a research project at Mozilla for developing a safer and faster programming language to rewrite the Firefox browser, is also gaining in popularity after organizations started deploying it in the wild.

While initially, most developers dismissed it as a theoretical project, nowadays Rust is proving its mettle.

Microsoft Word for Android has been introduced more than 1 billion times

Microsoft as of late hit an especially striking achievement: its Android version of Microsoft Word has passed the 1 billion imprint for introduces, as indicated by the Google Play Store (through Android Police).

The organization’s other Office applications are likewise doing truly well. Spreadsheet application Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive each have in excess of 500 million introduces, while email customer Outlook for Android has in excess of 100 million introduces. Android Police calls attention to that these figures aren’t really downloads from Google’s Play Store, taking note of that Microsoft has a few concurrences with certain producers to preinstall its applications on different gadgets.

The achievement is likewise somewhat unexpected. A month ago, Bill Gates noted in a meeting that his “most prominent mix-up ever” was passing up the portable OS world, taking note of that there’s space for one contender for iOS, and that it ought to have been “a characteristic thing for Microsoft to win.” But, while Microsoft’s versatile endeavors have never achieved the accomplishment of its rivals, its portable variants of Microsoft Office still appreciate a lot of market entrance, much like their work area partners.